Moving from Boston to New York — What You Need to Know?

Until you visit, Boston and New York look to be very similar in terms of culture.

In fact, you could say they’re even a lot alike: they’re both big “college towns” as well known for their sports teams as their landmarks. Moving to New York from Boston? You’ll be right at home!

Moving to NYC from Boston? Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Every single thing in New York is more expensive than it is in Boston — especially parking and housing costs. Renting an apartment in Manhattan’s Midtown East area will cost you almost $5,000 per month on average. And that’s far cheaper than most of the neighborhoods… Moving to NYC from Boston? Be prepared to pay big bucks!
  2. The two cities exist in totally different time zones. In Boston, it’s Eastern Standard Time. But New York City is on Eastern Daylight Time (which is one hour ahead). You’ll know how much moving to NYC from Boston will throw you off when you’re standing in line for a Broadway show next to someone who says they don’t have tickets because “…it didn’t start yet.”
  3. You’re moving to NYC from Boston — so you better brush up on your sports knowledge! The Boston Red Sox have won two World Series Championships in the last decade, and the New York Yankees are consistently one of the best teams year after year. In Manhattan’s East Village, you can visit where Derek Jeter spent his earliest days at the iconic Uptown Lounge.
  4. Because there are 12 months in a year… but only four seasons in New York City: winter, spring, summer and construction. And yes, those seasons do pretty much what they sound like! January is snowy (and cold), April and May bring the flowers while September is often sunny with fewer tourists clogging your commutes.
    At the same time, there is also construction (or “construction season”) during nearly every season. Summertime in New York City can seem like a moving nightmare as sidewalk work adds to pedestrian traffic and moving trucks line up to get a moving spot.
  5. Because Times Square ain’t for squares: One of the best parts about moving from Boston to New York is all of the cultural opportunities that you don’t miss when moving away from Beantown.
    There are over 8 million people living in the five boroughs now and it’s not just limited to Manhattan! Seeing shows on Broadway or off-Broadway, seeing bands at Terminal 5 by Hudson River Park, dating without having to be weirded out because someone else might see you, moving around just seems easier because you’re not limited to a 5-mile radius and you can do more with your time.
    Moving from Boston to New York is like moving from real life to…well, real life!
  6. So Many Museums…And They’re Free!  But Not All Of Them Are Good! That said…what a selection of museums! From the Met to MoMA to the American Folk Museum and more, you can do anything from a personal history tour of New York’s museums to a new exhibit on the history of moving in NYC.
  7. There Are Way More Opportunities For A Social Life…Or To Be Solitary And Write About Pirates
    The Boston-to-New York move also means more opportunities for that social life when you want it. You can find MeetUp groups for virtually anything, from moving in New York newbies and moving on your own to music lovers’ get togethers at local joints like Brooklyn Bowl and Bowery Ballroom.
    For that “inner writer” in all of us who wants some time alone, you can just go see a movie or enjoy the big city lights on your own time as they shine over this sprawling and eclectic city.
  8. You Will Learn To Make All Your Own Friends, I Promise
    In moving from Boston to New York you will learn that you don’t need BFFs all over the place if you don’t want them… and it turns out? It’s perfectly okay! In Boston everyone seemed to be moving in groups of three: “My two friends” became a running joke with people moving from the East Coast to New York City. So when one friend was moving out of town or moving away for a bit, left behind were your two other friends (for those of us who did not socialize at work). But here in New York? Yeah, every day is filled with all sorts of adventures that may turn into friends, but here it’s perfectly acceptable to go out and about alone. If moving from Boston to New York taught me one thing though? It’s that moving doesn’t need to be a solo activity.
  9. Get in Touch With Your Inner Brooklynite or Manhattanite— Take the Subway!
    In moving from Boston to New York you will learn how easy it is to take public transportation… if you aren’t renting a car. Some of us who live up north don’t like driving around much, even when we have personal vehicles at hand … and for those moving from Boston, suddenly owning a vehicle seemed unnecessary (since we always had an easy way get around). But moving the 1, 2 or 3 trains around town will keep your social life moving!
  10. Find a Community— Get Out and Meet People
    Moving from Boston to New York is moving somewhere where there are tons of communities just waiting for you to join them. Finding the one that suits you best will make moving from Boston to NYC worth it… and who knows, maybe moving from Boston to NYC is worth it so you can find your community? It’s so much easier moving from Boston to New York if you do!

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